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  • Rachel Whann

9th July 2020 SJI Summer Horse League

Connell Hill Equestrian Centre were pleased to run their first SJI show of the season for horses. With perfect weather conditions and a fantastic course built by Colm Quinn the show ran smoothly and gave a great opportunity to see new combinations competing for the first time.

Our next show at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre will be the Summer Derby, kindly sponsored by The Irish Equine Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre and Comfort Gut on Monday 13th July for Horses and Ponies starting at 10am.


80cm: Double clear Donna Barron, Dreamer DB; Caitlin Mann, Zula’s Honour;

90cm: Double clear Hannah Thompson, Ballylurgan Hold Up; Noel McKee, Lagan’s Starstruck; Clare Sloan, Rose Of Lustry; Sharon Callaghan, Aurora Z; Grace McGarry, Just Because D&M.

1m: Double Clear Cerys Luncy, Ace’s Delight; Caoline Gaston, Attyrory Ark; Elaine Morrow, Caltra Leader; Beverley Caves, Calta Scenic Star; Jane Kealey, Danny Boy 11; Lucy McNeill, Glenties Grey Rebel; Dean Cotton, Imperial Darco Diamond; Grace McGarry, Just Because D&M; Barry McCormack, Moveen Sibon; Donna Campbell, Something about Mary Lou; Keith McDonald, Springburn Shutterfly; Cathry Hutchinson, SVS Zarocco.

1.10m: Double Clear Keith McDonnald, Springburn Shutterfly; Jodie Creighton, SVS Eclipse; Barry McCormack, Ballinamurra Eclipse; Lucy Lamont, By the Way; Paul Caves, CafreQuality Clover; Lucy Lamont, Daunting Melody; Karen Fleck, Franko; Keven Mackey, GHS Little Moments; Paul Caves, Kereen Companion, Barry McCormack, Moveen Sibon.

1.20m: Double Clear Paul Caves, Cafre Quality Clover; Kevin Mackey, Havanna.

1.30: Double Clear Jodie Creighton, Neat National Treasure.

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