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  • Rachel Whann

Back with a Bang!

We are back!! Connell Hill was delighted to be able to host a registered jumping show on Thursday. After months in lockdown everyone was glad to be back competing, making for a great show with a great turn out. We hope that this will be the first of many during the summer. All show details can be found on our website

80cm Double clear: Jodie Creighton, Quality Kinder Surprise; Sarah Balie, Lisnamorrows Vancouver.

1m Double clear: Sarah Mcmordie, Omard Hawaii Queen; Laura Gordon, Brayhill Wonder; Grace McGarry, Just Because D&M; Samantha Billings, Doonini Z; Liam McKee, Qlassic Diamant VT Willebeke Z; Grace McGarry, Imanthos; Patrick John McWilliams, Qenny V/D Roshoeve;

1.10m 1 st Sarah Ballie, Lisnamorrows Echoizer; 2 nd Rebecca Simms, CHS Bondi Beach; 3 rd Megan McGettigan, Tullabeg George; 4 th Liam McGarry, Javas Bespoke; 5 th Liam McKee, Quickstep VDB; 6th Markus Buser, Kesha.

1.20m 1 st Jonathan Smyth, Coloo Colin; 2 nd Taylor Hunter, Bann View Ferro; 3 rd Edward Little, Drumiller Daytona; 4 th Jonathan Smyth, Premier Spirit; 5 th Kenneth Graham, Dr No Equinox 2; 6th Edward Little, Cilestro Z.

1.30m 1 st Kenneth Graham, KEC Dorian; 2 nd Edward Little, HSC Sunny Jim; 3 rd Megan McGettigan, Ballinamurra Eargon.

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