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13th July 2020 Summer Derby

It was with great anticipation after a lengthy lockdown that Connell Hill Equestrian Centre was delighted to hold its Summer Derby, this bank holiday weekend. With the weather being slightly mixed, it didn’t dampen the competition spirit, as all competitors enjoyed the varied and challenging course.

Connell Hill was proud to be able to present super prizes throughout the day, sponsored by The Irish Equine Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre, Ballinderry and Comfort Gut, Antrim. The winners of the 60cm 70cm 80cm, 1m and 1.10m classes, all received products from Comfort Gut, which is a local supplier of feed supplements and Emerald Balm, which are ‘must-have’ products for your stables. Comfort Gut can play a role in helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels. It can be fed long term without disrupting acid production, which is required to break down food for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The winners of the 90cm class were then lucky to receive vouchers and numnah’s which were sponsored by The Irish Equine Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre. The Irish Equine Rehabilitation & Fitness Centre was established a little over two years ago and provides bespoke fitness and rehabilitation packages utilising both an ECB water treadmill and an ECB cold saltwater Spa which can be used either as a livery client or if preferred a drive-in client. IERFC is a unique and bespoke state of the art facility on the island of Ireland, providing top-class care in an airy, well-ventilated barn and stables, many with individual fibre turnout pens. We want to thank both sponsors for their support. We would encourage all to visit their respective Facebook pages for more information regarding their products and services.

The next big event at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre is the Ulster Region 1.35 Grand Prix series on Saturday 18th July, commencing at 8.30 am. There is a superb prize fund up for grabs, with £1000 going to the winner of the Grand Prix. All entries for this prestigious competition are now open and can be placed through the website.

Connell Hill’s SJI Summer League is continuing to run each Thursday and entries for this can also be placed through the website. For all other upcoming unregistered showjumping shows this summer, head to the ‘Shows’ tab at the top of the page.


1) Alison Smith, Rosie; 2) Alison Smith, Ziggy; 3) Megan Butler, The Spin Doctor.


1) Rachel Hughes, Suzie; 2) Donna Dawson, Martins Will; 3) Amy Steele, Harry; 4) Skye Dawson, Solo Star.


1) Lisa Talbot, Grandad Pride; 2) Bree Rutludge, Jewel; 3) Kim McKeown, Limited Edition; 4) Kathryn Knox, Braeview Codega; 5) Donna Barron, Barney.


1) Anna Cardwell, Cash; 2) Leah McCulloch, Lilly; 3) Amy Steele, Big Adventure; 4) Alanna Dunlop, Million Dollar Girl; 5) Lisa Allen, Dolly; 6) Lisa Talbot, GHS Step in Tyme.


1) Jodie Creighton, Breena; 2) Sarah McPolin, Magnum; 3) Emily-Jayne McPolin, Marley; 4) Myah McLean, Sue; 5) Jessica Mulgrew, Knockagarron Emperor; 6) Emily Morris, Buddy.


1) Myah McLean, Sue 2) Bethany Gordon, Gurteen Molly

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