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  • Rachel Whann

12th June 2020 Unregistered Horse and Pony Show

Connell Hill was very pleased to run its first event since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted slightly. After implementing strict COVID-19 protocols across the show grounds, Connell Hill has been able to welcome competitors back safely. Despite the weather not being as good as of late the turn out was excellent with all competitors getting the chance to enjoy their sport once again. The next unregistered training show for horses and ponies will be Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th June and a return of Working Hunter (horses and ponies) on Sunday 21st June 2020.

Horses 80cm

Joint First

Noel McKee on Starstruck

Emma Blair on Frank

Paul Caves on Bert

Kelly Killburn on Annie

Hannah Thompson on Jess

Lisa Houston on Rocky

Jacqui McKinney on Sandy

Kirstin Thom on Gemima

Sarah Kealey on Autumn

Horses 90cm

Joint First

Daisy Pearson on Savannah

Kelly Kilburn on Annie

Alana Robb on Robbie

Nikki Nesbitt on India on

Alanna Dunlop on Million Dollar Girl

Alex Houston on Rocky

John Kilgore on Bruce

Liam McGarry on Chester

Jodie Carr on Tullibards Smilling Lady

Laura Crown on Miss Lady Lux

Kirstin Thor on Biscuit

Myra McLean on Sue

Jacqui McKinney on Sandy

Horses 1m

Joint First

Hannah Thompson on Kelly

Jenny Campbell on Laraghlease King

Myah McLean on Sue

Keith McDonald on Springburn Shutterfly

Ruth O’Brien on Diarado Royale

Liam McGarry on Chester

Kevin Mackey on Havanna

Gareth Saunderson on Harry

Wendy Anderson on Woody

Hannah Thompson on Cara

Gemma Goodrich on Bubble

Horses 1.10m

First – Tony McClenahan on Rio

Second – Tracy Woods on Suki

Third – Wendy Anderson on Woody

Fourth – Ben Walsh on Hasty Road

Fifth – Liam McGarry on Tonka

Sixth – Gemma Goodrich on Bubble

Horses 1.20m

First – Alex Houston on Indy

Second – Shannon Russell on Baron Cavalier

Third – Ben Walsh on Hasty Road

Fourth – Gareth Saunderson on Roger

Fifth – Ben Walsh on J’taime

Ponies 128cm – 70cm

Joint First

Zoie Dobbins on Over the Rainbow

Sarah McLaughlin on Lucky

Ponies 128 cm – 80cm

Joint First

Abbie-Rose McCready on Mirdads Babysitter

Sarah McLaughlin on Lucky

Sarah McLaughlin on Gypsy

Sophie Bingham on Gino

Ponies 128cm – 90cm

First – Sarah McLaughlin on Gypsy

Second – Ben Walsh on Gino

Third – Abbie-Rose McCready on Mirdads Babysitter

Fourth – Sarah McLaughlin on Leo

Ponies 128cm – 1m

First – Ben Walsh on Gino

Second – Sophia Bingham on Floss

Ponies 138cm – 80cm

First – Kyla Thompson on Meadows Molly

Ponies 138cm – 90 cm

First – Kyla Thompson on Meadows Molly

Ponies 138cm – 1m

First – Oliver Doherty on Nina

Second – Oliver Doherty on Copper

Third – Alex McMaster on Oos Paris

Fourth – Anna Jackson - Galco

Ponies 148cm – 1m

Joint First

Anna Jackson on Galco

Oliver Doherty on George

Anna Jackson on Woodchip

Ponies 148cm – 1m10cm

First – Anna Jackson on Woodchip

Second – Oliver Doherty on George

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