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- Team Gold Longines Global Champions Tour  

- Selected to represent Ireland in Doha, Longines Global Champions  Tour 

*Competition affected due to Covid-19


- Royal Dublin Horse Show, 1st 1.10/1.15 Young Rider Championship

-Royal Dublin Horse Show Ulster Leading Young Rider

-Selected for the National Training Clinic

-Ravensdale GP Show, 1st 1.20

-Qualified 4year old Young Event Horse for RUAS 

- 1st 1.20 Cavan April Show 

- 1st 1.20 Meadows GP Show 

- National Balmoral COH / Junior Winner 

- Cavan Young Rider  Championship Show 1.20 Champion 

- Cavan Young Rider  Championship Show 4th 4year old final 

- Millstreet International, 1st 1.25 International Silver Tour 

- Millstreet International, 1st 1.20 Young Rider Qualifier 

- Cavan, September Show, 2nd 1.20m Final 

- Cavan November International, 4th 5year old final

- HOYS 158cm WHP, 3rd

- HOYS 143cm WHP, 4th

-International Working Hunter Pony Team - NI


- Cavan RDS Qualifiers, 1st 1.10/1.15 Young Rider 

-Royal Dublin Horse Show, 6th 1.10/1.15 Young Rider Championship

-Royal Windsor Horse Show, 158cm WHP 2nd, Reserve Champion

-148cm Ulster Region GP Champion

-Royal Dublin Horse Show, Junior Equitation Qualifier, 1st

-NI Festival HOYS 153cm Qualifier, 1st

-NI Festival HOYS 158cm Qualifier, 1st

-Portmore Equestrian Centre 1.10 Final, 2nd

-Cavan October, Junior 1.10 class, 1st 

-Cavan October, Senior 1.20 class, 1st

-Royal Dublin Horse Show Junior Equitation final, 3rd

-Ulster  Region Summer Tour 1.10, 1st

-Banbridge Show 1.10 Young Rider, 1st 

Other Results

-2017, BSPS Novice WH Champion 

-2017, Royal Dublin Horse Show 143cm WHP, 1st and Reserve Champion

-2017, NI Festival Novice Overall Supreme

-2017, NI Festival, Connemara Champion

-2016, NI Festival, Connemara Champion

-2016, NI Festival WH Supreme Champion

-2016, NI Festival, Connemara Champion

-2015, HOYS 143cm WHP, 1st and Reserve Champion

-2015, Royal Dublin Horse Show 143cm WHP, 1st and Reserve Champion

-2014, Balmoral Show 133cm WHP, 1st

-2014, HOYS 133cm WHP, 1st and Champion

-2009, Ponies UK Overall Supreme Champion 

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